Pluspower- Battery

Pluspower- Battery

Manufacturing Batteries

Plus Controls (P) Ltd is a very reputed manufacturer of Lead Acid Tubular and Standard Inverter Battery in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Our company manufacture Tubular Inverter Batteries under name and style of PLUSPOWER. The life of batteries is quite good and performance of all types of tubular & Standard batteries is tested and proved on actual load conditions of the field. In North India particularly Uttar Pradesh , Bihar are power hungry States. Here power cuts are long and very irratic. Only good quality Tubular or Standard battery can perform properly in such long power cuts. Plus Power is tested brand for such adverse power conditions.

Manufacturing Battery Plates

We also manufacture battery plates for Standard Inverter Battery and Tubular Battery for self consumption as well as Selling.Quality of Battery plates and battery is of very high standard..

Trading of SMF Battries

Besides being manufacturer of battery , Plus Controls Pvt Ltd also deals in trading of all types of Inverter & UPS battery. Exide & Quanta are two main brands in which we trade. We are direct dealer / distributor for exide and quanta SMF (Sealed Maintenance Free) and Inverter Tubular Batteries (Inva Tubular , Stan queen, Inva Red, IT all models).

Tubular Batteries

Inverter batteries go through continuous charging and high rate of discgarging. normal batteries being used in automobiles are not supposed to give long life with inverters. So we make special heavy duty inverter batteries for deep discharge application.Besides pasted plate type, we also manufacture positive tubular plate batteries.Estimated life of these batteries is 5-7 years, because of its special design, less shedding due to tubular gauntlets & thick pasted negative plates.

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