Pluspower- Stabilisers

Pluspower- Automatic Votage Stabilisers


Plus Controls (P) Ltd is a very reputed manufacturer of Automatic Vottage Stabilisers, CVT, Charge Controllers, Inverter, UPS and Battery in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Our company manufactures all its products under brand name and style of PLUSPOWER.

Automatic Stabilisers

When Frequent Fluctuations in electricuty supply become cause of damage to your valuable home appliances, PLUS POWER automatic and manual voltage regulator comes to your rescue. PLUS POWER stablizer provide you stabilized voltage to protect your valuable appliances e.g. Refrigerator, T.V., Tube Light and other home appliances. It comes in various voltage ranges and models.

Main Features

MAIN FEATURES: Electronic Circuitry is I. C. Controlled Silicon transistors are used for reliablity at high temperature High quality elecromagnetic relays are used which operates silently without producing thumping sound during voltage fluctuations Wide Input input range 90 Volt - 300 Volt All tranformers are vaccum impregnated with high class varnish for reliability and long life MCB protection against overload/short circuits No output waveform distortion Outer cabinet powder coated after proper anti rust phosphating



Standard INPUT 140-280V OUTPUT 200-240V,
Zoom INPUT 110-280V OUTPUT 200-240V,
Unique INPUT 90-325V OUTPUT 200-240V

Solar Charge Controllers

A solar charge controller is a solar-powered voltage and current regulator. They are used in off-grid and hybrid off-grid applications to regulate power input from PV arrays to deliver optimal power output to run electrical loads and charge batteries. We make PWM based Solar Charge Controllers.

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